Poutūarongo Te Rangakura Kaiwhakaako

Bachelor of Teaching


  • Teaching Practice
  • Iwi and Hapū Studies
  • Wānanga
  • Professional Studies
  • Te Reo Māori


Poutūarongo Te Rangakura Kaiwhakaako is a three-year, bilingual teacher education degree that focuses on the uniqueness of respective Iwi, Hapū, Whānau with the ultimate goal of redesigning curriculum, pedagogy and evaluation processes relevant to culturally responsive education.

Graduates can teach across all areas of the primary school curriculum, using Te Reo and/or English as mediums of instruction, whilst connecting a Māori World view, values, protocols and knowledge throughout.

You will be required to attend residential Noho during the year, Hui Rumaki Reo wānanga and complete a Mahi Kura practicum. These residential Noho focus on teaching, research skills and Te Reo.


The Programme Co-ordinator can be contacted on (06) 867 9869
or for further information for 2022 enrolments contact:
Te Wānanga o Raukawa
Email: tetomonga@twor-otaki.ac
Phone: 0800 WANANGA